Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring of Culture 2010 - Mar 1

It was a breezy night. Fuzzy clouds tucked-in the stars. The trickle of rain complements the ambiance in a magical way. It was a perfect spring night and perfectly set the vibe for the first event in Bahrain’s 5th Spring of Culture.

The Trio Tomb – or TriOrient – is a Lebanese band blessed with three vocalist sisters specialized in the remaking of legend famous songs by various artists e.g. Fayrooz.

The good thing about the Cultural Hall - near Bahrain Museum – is its spacious parking lot. It can easily accommodate all of the audiences’ cars. The organizers, security, caterers, etc. were prestigious and neatly organized.

The event was supposed to start at 8pm, but because this is Bahrain, it started 20 minutes later. Someone with a high position – I do not really cares who - introduced the band with a weak voice and fragile wordings. You would expect that someone who is introducing the first event in a big-deal event like this would at least be more confident in his/her speech and fluent with his/her wordings.

The musicians and maestro looked very professional. Although I still do not understand, what is the role of maestros in bands? Every one in the band has his own musical notes, so why would they need the maestro’s guidance?

The trio had perfect voices, but I sensed disharmony when they sang altogether. I was having fun for a couple of songs, then I got bored and left.

Why did I go to this event?

Do I feel the need to close a cultural gap?

Did I want to do something different, other than cinema, caf├ęs, and clubs?

Or was it just an attempt to live new moments to recall them later and have a laugh?

See you in the next event: My Dream – China Disabled People’s Performing Troupe.

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