Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ministry of Vapor - Part 1

A couple of months ago I was in the middle of a career crisis. I resigned from my job for extreme reasons, and found myself unemployed with no proper career planning.

A friend advised me to hit the Ministry of Labor (MoL) for career guidance and possible unemployment financial coverage. I knew that MoL procure the vacancies they offer to registered candidates from organizations of the private sector only. I was terrified from how unsecured the jobs in the private sector have become, especially with many researchers claiming that Bahrain’s private sector did not fully recover yet from the hit of The Financial Crisis, unlike what companies advertise to save face.

Before that, I registered my application with the Civil Service Bureau (CSB). Hmmm… I just googled the CSB’s site to attached a hyperlink to their name, but to my amazement the site doesn’t seem to have an English version. Oh, wait; it does have an English version, but there is no link to it :) I had to replace the ‘ar’ from the URL (site address) with ‘en’ in order to reach the English version. Furthermore, the layout and design of the website encourages a completely separate thread -_-; but let’s leave that to the web design pros bloggers.

Supposedly, the CSB is the “only” government body controlling any hiring for any public sector vacancy. I wondered how was it possible for me to wait a considerable amount of months without a single peep from the CSB ever since I registered with them (still nothing to the day of writing this thread).

Last night at dinner, my brother explained this dilemma to me. He told me that in order for ministries to recruit without going through CSB they simply advertise the need of professionals e.g. doctors, teachers, engineers. While all they actually need, are recruits for clerical/office jobs. However, they do not want to deal with CSB (I leave ‘why’ to your imagination). Through this loophole, ministries are bypassing recruitment via CSB.

And I thought that all this time of wasted waiting for them to call was actually because there wasn’t any open vacancies in the whole public sector (O_o;) How naive was I?

After a period of constant but futile follow up (and simtimes plain hassle) with the CSB, i finally gave up and went to the MoL. Next time is the story about my 'wonderful' experience there.

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